Adding PIT id to the Search request body through Java SDK

While fetching paginated results back from elastic search we need to construct a query like this

  "size": 10000,
  "query": {
    "match" : {
      "" : "elkbee"
  "pit": {
	    "keep_alive": "1m"
  "sort": [ 
    {"@timestamp": "asc"}

How to create the same query with the Java API using Rest- High Level Client

SearchSourceBuilder searchSourceBuilder = new SearchSourceBuilder();
            searchSourceBuilder.pit; ???????? //UNKNOWN

Is the above approach correct and how to add the Pit Parameter to the query too?

Please revert ASAP

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You already asked a similar question at Creation of PIT using Rest High Level Client in Java SDK.

Let's keep the same discussion in one place. Thanks.

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This question was unrelated to the previous question as it refers to adding more fields to the search request body so I created a new topic we can continue this discussion on the earlier thread also if it is against the policy.

I thought your question was related to PIT.

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