Creation of PIT using Rest High Level Client in Java SDK

I was going through the Rest High-Level Client and wasn't able to get a method to create a Point In Time via the java SDK of the client.

Is there a way to do it programmatically?

I went through a earlier post which addresses the same but it didn't have a reply please do revert back on this


That's a very good question. I'm wondering if it has been added to the rest client as I can't see it here:

@swallez Do you know?

I made use of the Low Level Client for now as I think this feature is not there in the High Level Client yet

It looks like the SearchSourceBuilder accepts a PointInTimeBuilder. Could you check that?

I was unable to find any such method that accepts a PointInTimeBuilder and the class PointIntTimeBuilder isn't present

See elasticsearch/ at v7.12.0 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

in conjunction with Search API | Java REST Client [7.12] | Elastic

I believe you need 7.10.0 or greater.

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Yes, it was an issue with the package versioning but reached another barrier while paginating it with Java API.

The issue is clearly defined in this GitHub issue but there are no solutions yet can you help with that @jakelandis

Link: RestHighLevelClient: indicesOptions cannot be used with point in time, but is not nullable in SearchRequest · Issue #69974 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub


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