Adding storage to ES instance hosted by

Hi all,
I created ES instance using, I chose the HighMem instance in amazon, but it seems it has only 8gb of storage.
Is it possible to add only storage without over scaling the machine? (because its stupid to pay for cpu's and memory for storage which it's cost are minor).
if not, is it possible to change instance type? I see only option to change the type of HighMem instances (2,4,8,16.. GB of memory) and not changing the type of the machine (to i/o or something).

I looked briefly at

The I/O optimized has a ratio of 30/1. So a node with 8gb of RAM has 240gb of disk.

Memory optimized is built when you don't really need a lot of disk space but when the use case is more memory intensive. The ratio is 2/1. With 8gb of RAM per node, you get 16gb of disk.

The Compute Optimized has a ratio of 8/1. So 8gb of RAM with 64gb of disk.

The Hot/Warm is mixing several type of nodes. 1/30 and 1/160 ratios.

AFAIK you can't have your own "templates" in But in ECE (Elastic Cloud Enterprise) which you manage yourself, you can create your own templates.

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