Adding workspace causes issues with Kibana behind proxy

When I use Kibana with proxy and add workspaces I see the following: With any attempt to access roles, users or even visualizations i get prompted to select a workspace and then after selecting one i'm taken to the home screen.

I'm running in Kubernetes and use an Nginx ingress controller. When I just use the proxy with only the default namespaces everything works and when I add workspaces for a Kibana not behind a proxy everything works. But Kibana behind a proxy with multiple workspaces causes problems - i get prompted often to select a workspace and after selecting one i'm taken back to the home page.

Anyone else run into this problem?

It must be deleting the current space (e.g. default) in the user session somewhere. When I add the space to the url (e.g. /s/test/app/kibana) i can get to the page. Somehow everything else seems to be working but the session space is dropped somewhere.

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