Adding in the keystore


Wanted to know if elasticsearch-keystore add is the only way to add into the keystore?

Currently my keystore is generated using openssl and not generated using elasticsearch-keystore create

Any help is appreciated


elasticsearch-keystore add is the only way to deal with the elasticsearch keystore.

I think you are confusing the elasticsearch keystore which is the keystore elasticsearch uses for its secure settings. You can't create this with other tools.

I think you mean the keystores that you use for TLS i.e. and

How does elasticsearch know where to find the keystore that stores the secure_passwords?
How do i specify the path for this?

The keystore is picked up from $ES_PATH_CONF which defaults to $ES_HOME/config. To be clear, you cannot just point that to an external ( JKS, P12, etc. ) keystore of your own. This is an internal implementation of elasticsearch.

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