Adjustment of reload.period according to log retention period

Hi guys,

I'd like to adjust reload.period according to the period of metricbeat data, is not there a good idea?
For example, the following pattern.

· Data within seven days hold data at reload.period in 1 second
· Maintain data at reload.period 30 seconds from 8 to 30 days ago
· From 31st to 365th day ago, reload.period is held in 300 seconds

To solve this problem, set multiple reload.periods,
I thought that it would be better if we could register data in different indexes.

However, perhaps metricbeat alone thinks that this problem is difficult to solve.
Also, Logstash could not find a plugin that could solve the problem.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Not sure I can 100% follow. Are you looking for a feature the reduce the granularity of your events over time? Something like RRD? If yes, that would be a feature more for ES then metricbeat itself as metricbeat only collects the metrics.

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