Advance suggestions

Assuming I have a company document, I implemented a complete suggest query soIif i search for the following "Barloworld" I might get the below results.

I am using the Prefix query to search for suggestions. Now from my understanding, I can add fuziness to my query but not slop. How can i change my query then to search for the following

"Barloworld Lesotho" then returning "Barloworld Equipment - Lesotho"

1   Barloworld Equipment Botswana (Pty) Ltd
2   Barloworld Equipment - Lesotho
3   Barloworld Equipment Malawi Limited
4   Barloworld Equipment - Swaziland
5   Barloworld Equipment, a division of Barloworld South Africa (PTY) LTD

GET company/_search
  "suggest": {
    "company-suggest": {
      "prefix": "sky",
      "completion": {
        "field": "companyName.completion",
        "contexts": {
          "companyGroupId": [
        "fuzzy": {
          "fuzziness": 1

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