Advanced scripts on nested entities


Regarding some mapping like this one :

{"root_entity": {"properties": {
  "root_long": {"type": "long"},
  "root_int": {"type": "integer"},
 "nested_entity":    {
    "type": "nested",
    "properties":       {
      "nested_long": {"type": "long"},
      "nested_int": {"type": "integer"},
      "nested_date": {"type": "date"}

What we need is to do scripting on the nested entities.
The scripts need to select several entities and do cross-computation on this selection.
I managed to write search, fields and aggregation scripts, using the document source

For example, I need to select 2 nested_entities, based on some criterias, then compute the duration between the "nested_date", so I can write some script fields like this one :

"script_fields" : {
  "test" : {
     "script" : "
        long d1=0;
        long d2=0;
        for(e in params._source['nested_entity']) {
           if (e['nested_int'] == 1 } d1 = e['nested_date'];
           if (e['nested_int'] == 2 } d2 = e['nested_date'];
        return d2-d1"

I can search and aggregate with the same method.
The problem with my approach is I use the document source, so the performance is poor.

I tried to write equivalent scripts using the doc values but I didn't succeed.
Are there any other, and better, ways to fit my need ?


(Ryan Ernst) #2

Doc values are not exposed for the nested docs in the parent (the parent is a distinct doc, inside lucene, from the nested children). Source is the only way to access them.

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