Advantages of ECS?


As i understand ECS is about having proper conventions and best practices. Can you please some one explain me advantages of ECS. so that i can have clear picture of ECS.

It is not module which works programatically. is it right?


I think the ECS overview has some good information on what ECS is.

The Questions and Answers section has some benefits listed.

Ok thanks,

So i have to create one generic mapping template which will work for multiple data source's.

And if new data source contains extra field compare to existing template, then i have to update template each time by adding new field and its type.

am i right? OR is there other way to achieve this?


How you tackle this is up to you, but I would expect different data sources might index into different named indices that would match different index templates..

For other fields, you may want to set up dynamic templates to define heuristics for how they should be handled.

Note that multiple templates can match, so you can define general rules is lower ordered templates, and more specific rules in higher ordered templates that match on a more specific index pattern.

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