After adding Nodes to a Cluster - common Users cannot authenticate on said nodes

Hi Everyone,

i'm currently running a 3 Node Cluster, each Node is running CentOS 7.
The Version of all the components is 7.15.

We added 2 new nodes - because the old "Data Storing" Nodes were set up without lvm and the Diskspace was getting small.

I can see that those 2 nodes are definitly welcomed in the cluster itsself: 28 97 71 1.75 1.10 0.67 ilmr       * ***suelk01 34 99 26 4.01 4.34 4.74 cdfhilrstw - ***suelk04 60 99 14 2.52 1.66 0.87 cdfhilrstw - ***suelk05

I checked for errors in logs for FIlebeat etc, and saw that there was a authentication error for a User on each of those new nodes. Once i checked the nodes with:

[root@mtxsuelk05 bin]# ./elasticsearch-users list
No users found

If i do the same on the master node:

[root@mtxsuelk01 bin]# ./elasticsearch-users list
xxxxx        : kibana_admin,superuser
xxxxx      : remote_monitoring_collector
xxxxx   : kibana_admin,superuser
xxxxx       : superuser

I know that those credentials are stored in the .security Index - but i cannot figure out why this index is not synced to the new nodes? Any ideas?

If i can provide any .yml files let me know
Thanks in advance!

here is the doc, this is file-based users but not index-based,you should ensure the same users are defined on every node in the cluster

Kinda feel dumb but ye - synching those files worked. Thanks a lot

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