Authenticating with built-in users

Hello, I ran into some problems with authenticating with built-in users (in this case elastic) on my cluster nodes other than the master.

I have a cluster setup on 8.5.3:

  • 3 master nodes
  • 4 data nodes
  • 2 coordinator nodes

I have done:

  1. First time interactive password setup for built in users
  2. Added 0 in config

Other than the master, none of the other nodes are able to authenticate the elastic user.
The log shows that:

Authentication of [elastic] was terminated by realm [reserved] was terminated by realm [reserved] - failed to authenticate user [elastic]

This is tested via simple http requests to https://<node-hostname>:9200 with the elastic user credentials.

Is this behavior intended?

I have also tested that the nodes are able to authenticate these other types of users with no issues:

  1. Native users - created via `/_security/name/
  2. AD users (after adding license)

No it's not the intended behaviour especially if you have done "First time interactive password setup for built in users".

What version are you using? If it is 8.0+, you can reset elastic's password with the elasticsearch-reset-password CLI.

Very thankful for the suggestion, which helped to resolve the issue. I am running v8.5.3.

In my case, I created a new superuser account via api.
Then sign in to Kibana using said user and performed a password reset for all built-in users.
Tested and verified that built-in users is able to authenticate correctly from other nodes.

Any idea what might be the root cause?

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