After upgrading to Kibana 5.x, the service is crashing randomly

(Evan Ravenelle) #1

I'm not sure what is causing the problem, but since upgrading to Kibana 5.x, I find that the service will crash at random times. I don't have any indication as to what is wrong, because no errors are written to the log. How can I improve the Kibana internal logging to identify the source of the problem, or otherwise stop the application from crashing?

(Jon Budzenski) #2

What's your indicator for the service crashing? And which download of kibana are you using? If you're using sysv there should be a corresponding kibana.stderr.log. One option is to enable verbose logging in kibana.yml, logging.verbose: true

(Evan Ravenelle) #3

The indicator is that the service isn't running and I get a message from one of my developers telling me they can't get to it. There is a corresponding kibana.stderr, but nothing is being written to it (0 bytes since I upgraded). I'll try setting verbose logging and see if it improves.

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