After upgrading to Kibana 5.x, the service is crashing randomly

I'm not sure what is causing the problem, but since upgrading to Kibana 5.x, I find that the service will crash at random times. I don't have any indication as to what is wrong, because no errors are written to the log. How can I improve the Kibana internal logging to identify the source of the problem, or otherwise stop the application from crashing?

What's your indicator for the service crashing? And which download of kibana are you using? If you're using sysv there should be a corresponding kibana.stderr.log. One option is to enable verbose logging in kibana.yml, logging.verbose: true

The indicator is that the service isn't running and I get a message from one of my developers telling me they can't get to it. There is a corresponding kibana.stderr, but nothing is being written to it (0 bytes since I upgraded). I'll try setting verbose logging and see if it improves.

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