Kibana 6.4.2 keeps crashing

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I have installed kibana 6.4.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo). It just crashes randomly. Any help in locating logs or enabling would help. btw is this is a known issue ?

(rajesh) #2

i have set logging.dest: /var/log/kibana.log but dont see much info in it regarding crash.

(Jon Budzenski) #3

Can you share which package you downloaded? There's two possible areas, one is the system journal if using systemd (journalctl -fu kibana.service) and ~/var/log/kibana. This is the first report of crashing I've heard, but 6.4 is recent so there hasn't been time to collect. Are you using kibana or kibana-oss?

(rajesh) #4

I m waiting for crash. I downloaded 6.4.2 package from . I m using kibana.

(Willemdh) #5

Hey Rajesh,

Why aren't you using the rpm package for Red Hat? Check out



(rajesh) #6

just curious what will be the difference ? reason i downloaded linux 64 bit gz file is that i can install in my desired location with enough storage. with RPM i guess i can modify too but it was very simpler for me via gz file.

(Willemdh) #7


It just my personal opinion that on CentOS / Red Hat you should just use the rpm package. I think you will have less chance on misconfigurations or bugs when using the default install paths and default rpm package.



(rajesh) #8

I m still waiting for crash :frowning: its really strange that it hasnt crashed yet :frowning:

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