Kibana - same old ... (logging.dest broken, /etc/systemd vs. /usr/lib/systemd, etc


  • point repo to elastic 8.x
  • apt install kibana/stable 8.13.1 amd64
  • sudo to enroll to elastic-- seems to work ok
  • ... seems like no config/ dir, mkdir + chown ... odd
  • try again -- complaints about [logging].dest - errs out
  • 1 day of searching, trying, fixing - reinstalling, etc.

Same issue as posted in these forums from years ago:
== Kibana remove/upgrade does not remove the old, WRONG kibana.service file from /etc/system


Hope this helps someone -- remove or move /etc/systemd..../kibana.service to .disabled.

startup up (apparently) fine now. Someone please fix this old, long-lived silliness