Kibana 7.9.1 to 7.9.2 failure

Ok I'm at a loss normally the updates even failed ones are easy to fix. Roll back to 7.9.1 worked thankfully.

On the journal log when attempting to start kibana 7.9.2 with the elasticsearch already updated to 7.9.2 and started I end up with this:

":["info","savedobjects-service"],"pid":6331,"message":"Detected mapping change in "properties.application_usage_daily""}

Any ideas it's not creating any logs outside of services logs so it's hard to pin down.

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Stop kibana, delete the .kibana_X index with curl, restart kibana worked for me:
Ref: Upgrade to 7.5

Was afraid of that. Thx for confirming the fix. To be honest was trying to avoid it as a few other issues exist who knows maybe this will fix those as well.

If you use fleet manager use caution! The json backup file before the deletion was not able to be restored which made me loss everything including all agents associated with the setup. Thankfully its a dev node so I really don't care it's just an annoyance.

Stand alone node mind you not a cluster.

I stepped into the same issue, which seems weird for just a patch version release. I finally just shut down Kibana, downgraded back to 7.9.1 and restarted. This fixed that issue for me w/o dropping the Kibana indexes.

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