Kibana failing after upgrade from 6.8.6 to 7.9.2 Failed to transform document [object Object]


I'm having an issue when upgrading from elasticsearch 6.8.6 to 7.9.2. We have a very large number of Saved Objects and when going through the upgrade we're not able to proceed with the transformation of the saved objects. .kibana_1 has 98k documents, .kibana_2 is created 21k documents are copied over but it won't get past that point. There are no errors in the elasticsearch logs and this is the where the logs stop for kibana:
["warning","savedobjects-service"],"pid":xxxxx,"message":"Failed to transform document [object Object]. Transform: search:...

Documentation suggests when Kibana is not able to transform it will not proceed with the migration, but my question is how can I remove this document if I'm unable to start Kibana properly? I'm not sure why the transformation is failing and I'm trying to remove this one saved object to see if this was a one-off error or if the issue will persist on the very next object. Is it possible to delete the document by id from the .kibana_1 index instead of using the saved object api as kibana is not starting, and what would be the syntax for the API call?

Hello, we have instructions that deal with somewhat similar problems. Though it deals more with corrupt items than with too many items, it has some samples for deleting things, which may be useful

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