ELK 6.7.0. Server crashed by Kibana

I run Kibana on a Chrome. I used the same 5601 port, however I use a server IP to be able to access Kibana from outside of localHost. the only products I use from ELK are: ElasticSearch, Kibana, FileLogBeats and WinLogBeats. and I send data from the host server and 2 other servers to the elasticsearch (I also use an open port for elasticsearch).

after about two weeks the server crashed due to high RAM consumption by Kibana. is there a way to prevent this by using any open source software? or windows configurations?

Can you provide more details including the logs when Kibana crashed? Kibana generally uses under 400MB of RAM. Is that available on this machine?

I don't see any special logs under elasticsearch and none under kibana. yes I have enough ram on the server, however it spikes a lot.

How are you starting Kibana? Is this on Linux? Are installing with a deb/rpm package?

It's on windows. Installed it as a service using nssm. And it's always in running state.

I have never used NSSM. Is there a place that the STDOUT/STDERR for the service goes which you could check?

You could also enable monitoring in Kibana and look at the memory usage.

Do you have any 3rd party plugins installed?

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