Multiple ELK stacks on same hardware and within same OS

hi sorry for the repost of basically this one

my reason for asking is that i need to protect data in a seperate ELK installation from the other ELK installed on the same (very powerfull hardware)

from what i can see in the above link, this is technically feasable with using different ports, my question is about the ram and java part. if i have 64GB+ ram, will it be smooth sailing, as long as i keep the installation path etc seperate. my understanding is that i want to alot 32max ram per ELK and thus more than 65GB ram

Hi @ssi,

it's definitely technically possible. The recommended max heap of ~32GB is per java process.

I have machines with 256GB RAM that run 5 x ES, 1 x LS and 1 x Kibana and I leave about 50% of RAM to Lucene.


P.S. now when I know Elastic Stack better I would rather have dedicated machines at least for Elasticsearch but I have to work with what was given to me :smiley:

ok thanks

consider this one solved!

FYI we’ve renamed ELK to the Elastic Stack, otherwise Beats and APM feel left out! :wink: Check out

I know but ive Been with it since 2015 so itll be ELK to me :slight_smile: love your produkt please make the stuff i xpack awailable seperately i just need tge Security features as an example with AD integration no one did an open source version of that right ?

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