Multiple instance of ES and Kibana

I have some basic questions regarding ES and Kibana.

Can we have more than one instance of elasticsearch and Kibana in the same server?

If this question has been answered elsewhere, can someone refer me to that document?

Yes, you can run multiple instances on the same server as long as you use different port for each instance.

I'd not do that for elasticsearch unless I have more than 64gb of RAM on my computer.

Elasticsearch is multi tenant. Why do you want to do that?

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your replies..

@dadoonet, The reason I want to do that is eventually I am going to be having 20+ applications and the traffic will grow.Having one instance of ES may slow things down or cause data loss.

If this is not the right way to go, what are other alternatives?

Then increase the number of physical machines if needed. Elasticsearch scales horizontally very well.

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