Kibana process crashes - high memory usage


I am using ELK 7.12.1 and Kibana 7.12.1 in a production env. I am encountering an issue with my Kibana , the process keeps crashing. The app is hosted on 1 VM , having 8 GB of RAM.
At first i did not do any modifications to the allocated heap memory, so it had standard 2 GB. After some crashes, i also increased the heap to 4 GB which temporarily fixed the issue for a few days. What i observed in the monitoring graphs is that it increases memory usage until max(8GB) and the process crashes. What is strange is that i don't have anything relevant in the logs, not even the OOM.
What could be consuming so much memory?
Did anyone encountered this type of issue?

If the memory heap is probably fine, so something else is consuming memory. Any relevalnt logs? Some more pointers here: Significantly decrease your Elasticsearch heap memory usage | Elastic Blog

cc @jbudz for more insight when he has time.


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