Aggregate geo shapes

(Malte Grosse) #1


i couldnt find any solution to aggregate all geo_shape points of one index.
example mapping would be like:

{ "weather-index": { "mappings": { "doc": { "properties": { "atmospheric_pressure": { "type": "float" }, "average_air_temperature": { "type": "float" }, "location": { "type": "geo_shape" }, "observation_date": { "type": "date" }, .... }

as for every date and location there is one new entry, i can only find all documents with locations (exists), but not aggregate (count same) them.
each location + date is unique. but in one index is only a certain amount of same locations.

any suggestions?
(a workaround on client level: query each day, save them in a list and remove duplicates...but takes quite long for multiple years)

do i miss something or is this a feature request?

(Mark Walkom) #2

That should be possible.

Personally, I'd suggest you try building something in Kibana that looks like what you want and then copy the query that it builds. It might be a bit easier to see if it's possible.

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