Aggregating (count) by regex

I have some data that I'd like to do a regex of a field and then an aggregation (count)
of the results of that regex'd field. For instance:


GET system/path_param/1234567/00?query_param=xpto HTTP/1.1
GET system/path_param/8901234/00?query_param=xpto HTTP/1.1
GET system/path_param/5678901/00?query_param=xpto HTTP/1.1
GET other_url/other_path_param/abcde HTTP/1.1


other_url/other_path_param: 1

Considering that I already have the query that brings me the data, how to do this aggregation in Kibana?

Hello @Luciano_Borges -

I hope this is helpful, the problem seems similar - Regex Search in Kibana

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