Kibana. Regex contains

Iam kibana beginner. so idk much bout it.
I've data with field data as A, B, C sometime A B, A B C, B C, A, B A....
Sometimes its a list of the values space separated
I wanna have the visualization of aggregation of count of values for the field. Count of A, count of B.. But it considers the group A B or A B C as a different value
Is there a way to make the Value A B C in all three buckets like a regex contains.
The values A B C D....are dynamic and too many so can't have a filter to create buckets fot all values.
Can someone help

It sounds like the field that you are using is not analyzed. I would suggest looking at this documentation: Recent data missing in dashboard/visualizations

You will likely need to create a new index with the proper mapping set up for that field so it is analyzed into A B C ... as separate values and reindex all your data into it and then you can bucket as you are trying to do.

It is not missing the value [A B C].. it shows it as a different value in the chart when I aggregate on the terms. reindexing of A B C by splitting into 3 different values... Itd be similar to normalization in SQL? But how to do it?

I would look at the documentation on analyzers:

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