Aggregation issue after upgrading elastic 7.16.2

unable to do the aggregation in Kibana for entire time range after the upgrading to new version i.e 7.16.2 .

but when i am changing to last value it's working.

Hey! We decided to disable some aggregations for the entire timerange mode because they don't work correctly at this mode. Here is the issue [TSVB] `series_agg` returns invalid data for 'entire time range' mode · Issue #100998 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

There is a bug there though, we should not disable the Series agg and the bucket script. We are working on enabling these two on 7.17. Here is the PR that addresses this fix [TSVB] "Bucket script" and "Series Agg" should be active for "timerange" mode by alexwizp · Pull Request #121301 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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Thanks for the confirmation.

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