Kibana TSVB Maths and 1st bucket

Moving to Kibana 7.4 (same with 7.5), I have an issue with a TSVB viz.

I have 2 time series (simple sum) : num and denom.
I have to compute the ration in a Math agg:

I get the following:

By replacing the formula by 100 * (params.num / max(1, params.denom)) I can get the lines. Moreover computation of the 1st value is correct :crazy_face:.

I think that there is mess with the first bucket... and by using max, something is "forced"... without the max, there is a divide by 0.

Same computation on same data works perfectly in 6.x.
If someone has an idea..

Thansk in advance

Changing from Math aggs to bucket_script makes it working fine...

If it's only the last bucket causing issues because it sometimes has no data, you can also try enabling the "Drop last bucket" option in the Panel options.

Drop last bucket is enabled.
The first bucket is causing the issue.

Apologies, I see now you said that in your original post. You may have already found the best workaround with max. Depending on what version of 6.x you were using before, the change in behavior may be due to the switch from math.js to tinymath.

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