Kibana Math Aggregation on Terms

Kibana Term Math Aggregation

Hey guys,
I'd like to ask if there's any way to do Math aggregation on individual Term buckets in TSVB.

TSVB Metric

I've divided my data into buckets by Term and aggregated by Count.

This is just count of individual Types.

I need to do some Math on those values and visually show those metrics.

I think the best way should be the Math aggregation on Count aggregation. But i cannot access those values through params field.

Can somebody show me the right way to do something like this?
params.c['DOT_START'] - params.c['DOT_FAILED_TIMEOUT'].

I think it should be done something like this, but it's not the case.


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Hey, I've got a similar issue when I'm trying to do some subtraction within one field so help would be great. Thx.

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