Aggregation of individual array elements


I need some advice on how to proceed. I'm trying to visualize some trending I have from an asset discovery tool. Each time the asset is discovered a new array element is added the Elasticsearch document. Here is a sample of the data....

    "asset": {
      "scan_history": [
          "scan_time": "2024-01-13T02:21:08.448Z",
          "state": "active",
          "state": "remediated",
          "scan_time": "2024-02-10T03:17:28.275413292Z",

I'm using an area graph, with a data histogram set to a 1M interval. I'd like to report on "state" for each month. For the months of January and February, I'm seeing a count of 1 active and 1 remediated for January and February.

Can anyone recommend the best way of moving forward to treat each array element individually vs. treating the array as a single bucket?

Thank you.

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