Aggregation response time is slow in ES Version 6.4


I'm using elasticsearch version 2.2 and also 6.4. Since indices in version 2.2 cannot be directly reindexed to 6.4 i'm running both version at same time and once if data inside version 6.4 is large enough, i will stop ES2.2. Thats my plan.

I just run a Aggregation to compare the execution time. I ran a query with single index (Apprx 40-45 million documents) V6.4 returns response in 5.548 minute whereas V2.2 takes only 0.325 minute.

My query involves a must criteria with a termsquery on one field and cardinality on other field.

Let me share you the mapping details (Note : same mapping for both fields)
In V2.2

"doc_values": true,
"index": "not_analyzed",
"omit_norms": true,
"type": "string"

In V6.4

"index": true,
"doc_values": true,
"norms": false,
"type": "keyword"

I guess both the mapping are equivalent.

What i'm misssng ? Any new meta-fields is introduced?
Kindly Assisst me.

Muthu Thillai

Can any one help me on this?

Team, any findings ? :persevere::persevere:

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