Aggregations after upgrading to ES 7 - request slowed down

Hi all,

in our app, we updated version of ES from 6 to 7.

Everything is working fine as it was but I spot one issue.

Previously when we retrive aggregations for 200k of medias, it took 10-15 sec, right now same request takes 80-90 sec.
When I make same request but without aggregatiosn it takes <1sec.

I don't know if it's a good place to ask such question, but currently I am clueless and any idea or tip will be very appreciated

Have you made any changes in mappings or data between versions 6 and 7? Do they hold exactly the same data? Are they deployed on exactly the same hardware? Are the requests the same?

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Which exact elasticsearch version are you using ?

architecture, medias, requests are the same.
ES 7.6.1

I found that only one aggregation cause problem. We have aggregation which uses rangeFilter, and as I see in ES 7 rangeFilter has been changed. I need to investigate what is uneffective in this aggregation. After turning off this one agg, request instead of 11 sec goes 0,7 sec.