[aggregations] Is it possible to calculate fields based on multiple aggregations?

(Mario Mueller) #1

Given is a query: https://gist.github.com/xenji/a99342d3cfc5864ad6e4
The data: Tracking data from a website. Browser and Browser Version are
available on the first level of the document as string values.

The goal:

  • Get a term agg. over all browsers and nested over their versions (DONE)
  • Get the overall count of docs that have a browser field filled (DONE)
  • Calculate the percentile of the version related to the count of a
    browser. (Browser Firefox, Version 25.0 is 25% of all Firefox hits)
  • Calculate the percentile of the browser related to the overall count (All
    Firefox hits are 15% of all hits)

The last two are driving me mad. Is this possible at all? I can do it in
the application for sure, but I want to know if this is possible to be done
in ES.

Any hints?


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