Elasticsearch give a factor to aggregations

Hi all,

I'm wondering something about aggregations, say "Percentiles".
When a percentile aggregation is processed, it uses a specific field as a
reference. If the 50th percentile for field 'f' is 10, it means there are
50% of documents with 'f' under 10.
=> Each document has the same weight in the aggregation (=1)

I'm wondering if it could be possible to give a different weight for each
The following Gist give an example of what I'd like to do :

I'd like to compute some percentiles on the "age" field. But for each
document, there is a "count" field associated.
For example, there are 5 person who are 10 years old ; 1 who is 20 years
If the percentile agg runs, it won't use my factor to compute the
I don't think that feature is natively supported, but, do you guess it
could be easily supported?


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