Aggregrating data from Nested Fields

I am currently navigating Elasticsearch and Kibana version 8.7.1 and have encountered a challenge

The Challenge: Aggregating Nested Fields

My primary goal is to efficiently aggregate data residing within nested fields in my Elasticsearch index. While using Kibana's built-in filtering options, I've noticed discrepancies in the results, which has raised some questions about data accuracy.

Questions That Pique My Curiosity:

  1. Aggregating Nested Fields: How can I accurately aggregate data from nested fields within Kibana 8.7.1? The standard filtering mechanisms don't seem to yield the precise numbers I require. I'm eager to learn more about the best practices and strategies for tackling this.

  2. Scripted Fields in Kibana 8.7.1: Additionally, I am keen to explore the world of scripted fields within Kibana 8.7.1. I believe that harnessing scripted fields might be the key to obtaining the insights I seek. If anyone has insights into how to craft and leverage scripted fields effectively, I'd love to hear from you.

I welcome any tips, examples, or guidance you're willing to share.

How can I accurately aggregate data from nested fields within Kibana 8.7.1?

To visualize them directly the only option available so far is Vega, as they are not supported in Visualizations: Nested field support in Visualize · Issue #58175 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Scripted Fields in Kibana 8.7.1

While it works as a workaround to get access to a nested field content via scripted fields, it is worth mentioning that scripted field are a deprecated feature.
There's some investigation for runtime field support as well (which are the successor of scripted fields) you can track here:

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