Math operation after aggregation in kibana while using scripted fields

Hi Everyone,

I have two scripted fields in my kibana index pattern, let's say "scripted field1" and "scripted field2".

Now I wanted to display sum(scripted field1)/sum(scripted field2) in my visualisation.

This kind of arithmetic operations after aggregation are available in tsvb, but as I am using scripted fields, so can't use that.

How can I proceed to get the result.

Thanks in advance

In 7.13 runtime fields got introduced which are the successor of scripted fields. You can use these in TSVB along with the "math" operation.

Hello Joe,

Thanks for the information.
But currently we are using 7.8, is there any workaround which we can do.

The only workaround I'm aware of in 7.8 is to use Vega, which is not aware of scripted fields but lets you run full Elasticsearch queries (which can contain scripted fields).

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