AIOps no data views or saved searches found


AIOps no data views or saved searches found..

We definitely have data views / saves searches. So why don't we find them?


Hello @willemdh,

Your data views should be there. Could you pls check Stack Management> Data views?


We definitely have data views.. We logged a support ticket, because apparently we also cannot open saved searches in the Kibana Discover. It seems like a bug in 8.10.2..


Maybe the user doesn't have privileges? When you have them, feel free to share the details and solution here.

No, the user has all privileges. There seems to be a serious bug in 8.10.2.....

Hmm 8.10.2

Self Managed or Elastic Cloud... support should be able to help


Data Views are space "aware" ... (they need to be imported to each space)

So you check the data views exists in this space with this user? Not just the default Space?

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 1.23.52 PM

Only in the default Space we cannot open dataviews / saved searches from Discover. Other Spaces work fine. There were defintely dataviews before the update from 8.7.2.

Ahhh, so this was after an upgrade... that's a key piece of information make sure you share that with support...

What happens if you go to

Kibana Dev Tools

GET kbn:/api/data_views

Perhaps You could export or copy to the data views from another space if need be

They know it's since the update.

Fyi the Data Views page does show our Data Views

But we cannot find them / open them from Discover > Open or from AIOps etc.

We see this error:

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