Visibility of Data view in Space

I am building “workflow” in Kibana for my users. I have around 50 spaces for each department of my organization. I have one Data view created which all should have access to, but I have no idea how to achieve it without providing them privilige to Data management …

Does it mean, that each Space should create the Data view itself? And there is no way to distribute the existing Data view to newly created Space?

I really hope I am just missing something. Otherwise I would need to do it manually :sweat_smile:

Thx, Petr

I guess each space should have its own saved objects, one of them is the data view
You can also copy saved objects from space to space (From initial space to all other spaces by selecting all of them ...)

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OMG. I am so stupid :smile: Thank you very much. It works!!!

I didn't see the option, because I selected more data views and in this case all selected Actions icons were disabled.

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