Sharing resources (Data views and Dashboards) across Spaces


I've been trying to setup Spaces in Kibana (Elastic cloud) for non-admin teams so they only see the Kibana resources they need e.g. Discover and Dashboards under Analytics and not Security.

When moving to the new Space and accessing for example Discover, I see a message
" You have data in Elasticsearch. Now, create a data view. "

If I recreate a Data VIew, I then get access to it. The same occurs with Dashboards.

I've created 100+ Discover views and Dashboards and it seems strange that I would need to export them from the original Space and import them into a new Space. Maybe I'm using Spaces incorrectly but I wouldn't have thought it would be unusual to just want to hide menu options from users and not have to recreate or import lots of objects.

For testing the user has the superuser role and the All privileges allow across all resources.

Can anyone advise ?

To reply to myself, I see I need to share or copy Saved Objects across the Spaces. Which makes sense just not what I was expecting.

Hi @yelloyonder !
I would recommend to start from creating a new user role and customize privileges to Kibana features this way Kibana role management | Kibana Guide [8.4] | Elastic

Thanks! (apologies for slow reply)

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