"You need permission to create data views" error in new space

I've created a new space in Kibana, but I am unable to access the Analytics features, such as opening dashboards. I'm met with the error message "You need permission to create data views." What's even more confusing is that this happens even when I'm logged in with a user that has the superuser role. I tried giving all Kibana rights to the other user I created (all for all spaces), but nothing changed. I also restarted Kibana. I am on version 8.9

If that's indeed the case, I believe it's worth creating a bug report on Issues · elastic/kibana · GitHub. Would you be willing to submit one with a bit more details how you configure Kibana and the super-user?

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I'll submit an issue there if I manage to reproduce it. It seems to be working on another instance now, so I'll try to figure out what config change I may have made.

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