User with NO access to default space and ONLY new space as dashboard only

What I"m trying to achieve. To create a user with access to ONLY the dashboard in their custom space. I can somewhat achieve this by using the kibana_dashboard_user_only but that user STILL can go to spaces and see 'Default' and see stuff under there.

Just want to eliminate them from doing that.

Any ideas?


Figured it out.

That's good to hear, would you mind posting your solution should others come across this issue in the future?

Yes, of course. Was meaning to do that.

What we had to do was create a new role and assign these two permissions to the role:

Select your index

read and view_index_metadata

Then under Spaces, we set:

Minimum privileges for all spaces: None
And then added our new space and gave it read privilege.

We then can put the user INTO the role and they automatically get logged into that space and only that space. They can't see the 'default' space. :smile:

Hope this helps someone out in the future.

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