Kibana 6.7 default dashboards for different Spaces

Hi guys!

Our setup is the following:

  • Kibana 6.7
  • 9 different spaces with different user groups, and different rights. For example: User Adam has access to Space A, but not to Space B. User Joe has access to Space B and C, but not A.

I'd like to implement the following setup: We want to set a default dashboard for every space.

For example:
Space A - Default Dashboard X
Space B - Default Dashboard Y

The problem is the following: I have set up a default dashboard with kibana.defaultAppId (as discussed here) in the Kibana config file.
But now, if a user who has no access to the Space, receives an error message (see below).
For me, it seems like there is just a possibility to set up one single default dashboard but it is not possible to make it more granular.

Do you have any tips for me how to face this problem?


This is a very good question, jeromedag.
I have exactly the same problem when using different spaces.


Right now this is working as implemented.

@Larry_Gregory do we have any workarounds? I think we can do some fancy RBAC to get this done. But am not sure if its worth it?


Hey @jeromedag & @Michel99_7,

You're right that you can't use server.defaultAppId or server.defaultRoute in a multi-space setup. We have an open issue where we are discussing a couple of different options. I encourage you to read through and offer any input you may have!

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