Security dashboard user (7.15)

I have found some docs that suggests that I need to create a user that has access to spaces, and put my dashboard into that space.

My issue here is that that documentation doesn't supply the how!

Can someone point me to something that clearly shows how

  1. to create a user that can only see the dashboard that I want them to see. They must see the data that is contained in those dashboards!
  2. carry out any tasks to set up the existing dashboard in a way that support the user set up requirements.


Hi @tractor_boy ,

Did you check this documentation about spaces ?

Maybe you don't need a space, how about this:

  1. Go to Stack management, create new role and configure privileges based on your requirements: select indexes you want user to have access to and features - only dashboard in your case, probably "Read"
  2. Create user and assign that new role.
  3. Re-login with new user and test access.

Regards, Dzmitry

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