AIX "beat like" daemon, written in Python3

Hello All,

I've been ask to write an ELK Metricbeat/Filebeat daemon for AIX , like it is currently existing for Linux and Windows. It is called "Metraixbeat" and I wanted to share it with others !

I created also dozen of dashboards for carefull AIX monitoring.

I created today a Github repository for that project, you will be able to test it very quickly if you you want.
Wiki is available with explanations on daemon and its configuration.

I would really enjoy if some AIX admins want to participate into it.

Github link:


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cc: @Alex_Kristiansen

There's an effort underway that has Filebeat, Metricbeat, and Auditbeat binaries for AIX 7.2+

More details here.

It might be worth combining efforts.


My task was mainly for AIX 6.1 and 7.1 monitoring, and to make it work very quickly.

That's why I took Python and did not wait for official portage in Go.

But yes, merging effort are always good, and mostly for AIX :slight_smile:

I will switch to official daemon on AIX7.2 when available.


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