Reopening: Beats on Power AIX?

(Jan Herout) #1

I would like to reopen discussion about Beats (for me its FileBeat and MetricBeat primarly) on AIX. In one year old topic (Beats on Power AIX?), the only answer was about porting GoLang to AIX. According to GitHub discussion (, this was done 10 days ago for AIX 7.1 and is planned in late summer for AIX 7.2.
Is there now a chance to port Beats for AIX too?
If not, is there any known way, how to get metric data and syslog data to ElasticStack from AIX now?

(Jaime Soriano) #2

Hi @JHer and welcome :slight_smile:

Nice to see that there is some progress in the golang port to AIX. We know that beats compile with gccgo, but probably some things won't work, specially on Metricbeat.
We don't have any official support or builds at the moment, but we don't discard having it in the future.

By now you can try to build it by yourself with gccgo :slight_smile:

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(Alvin Chen) #4

@JHer out of curiosity, what AIX version / hardware are you looking for Beats to support?