Alert and Actions 'Notify Every'


I'm running 7.8.0 on a 3 node cluster. I have an Alert configured for HDD usage against system.filesystem.used.pct for anything that is greater than or equal to 0.8 (80%).

The alert is configured to check every 5 minutes based on the last 1 minute of index data. This works and I get alerts which are configured to an alert per agent.hostname

The alert if set to 'Notify Every' 5 hours so in theory if the alert isn't resolved I should not get an alert for 5 hours.

The issue is that the alert is triggering every time it runs the check so im receiving an email for the alert every 5 minutes despite the Notify Every being set to 5 hours.

Has anyone had a similar issue, or is there a problem with the my configuration in which it thinks it's a new alert?

The behaviour that you're expecting does sound correct, which suggest something weird has crept into your configuration somehow.

Could you perhaps post screenshots of your exact alert configuration?
It would help to see the the "Edit Alert" flyout with all its fields.


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