Alerts are sometimes triggered

Hi all.

After configuring some alerts on the different logs shown in the "Observability > Logs > Steam" menu, I don't understand why the emails are not sent every time the term that should trigger the alert is found among those logs.

For example, if I search for the word "ERROR" in the last 5 minutes I see that there is a match, so I artificially generate errors every minute to check if the alert is triggered correctly, but it is only launched the first time, the rest of the times the email is not sent, so I receive only one email, and not one every time an error is generated.

The current alert configuration is as shown below:

Is there something I am doing wrong, why is the email only sent once and not every time the word "error" is encountered in the logs?

Thank you!

Where it's says Notify setting.

And you have

Only on status change

That is why you are most likely only getting alerted once That is the intention of that.

Take a look here at the Notify Section

Thank you !

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