Alerting creating

Hi all.
I am using for test purpose elastic on cloud and I'd like to create an alert/watcher (not sure which one is the best option) to send an alert when a POD on K8S goes down. That d be easy but I want to send the alert only once when it occurred.

How can I do that in your opinion?

With new Kibana Alerting Framework the "Notify Once" feature is coming in the near future along with some other features like sending an "Alert Cleared" and Alert Severity (Warn, Important Critical with different thresholds etc) , but today that is not supported in the Kibana Alerts.

There are options around notify every X Mins / secs etc ... or you can mute the alert but that mutes it until you un-mute it.

With watcher it can be done but you will need to keep the state of the alert programmatically yourself.

Thanks Stephen.
Is there a way where I can follow that up so I can be notified when is available?


BTW the new Alert Only Once on State change has been released as part of 7.11.1

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