Alert query for kubernetes

Hi all.
I use elastic cloud 7.11.0 and we have filebeat and metricbeat running on a k8s cluster. I also have an alert on watcher to send and aletr when a POD in the kubernetes cluster goes down.
Now the query it's fine but I need to make it better, just sending one and only one alert to atlassian (OPSGenie). and not every minute or even every 10. Just one.

Any idea how to make the query?


Hi @alfredo.deluca

You are in luck, Alert Only Once on state change was just released as part of 7.11.

These new features allow you to do two things

  1. just as you asked notify only once so when the alert fires you can set it to only execute the action once

  2. you can also set the alert to send an alert once when the condition is no longer met / it's resolved

Check out 7.11.1 it has a couple fixes in it that help this functionality work better.

Hi Stephen. That's great news. Is it already available on cloud?


Just checked and it's available to deploy... great. Thanks again.

I will give it a try tomorrow

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Hi Stephen. I read and saw the new feature but if I use watcher I am not going to be able to use that feature. is that right?


You need to code it yourself in watchers. Watcher does have alert state if I recall but you would need to write all the logic for only send action on state change.

Ok ... I was guessing that.

Thanks heaps

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