Alert reconfiguration

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well I have a small question kind of weird. When we upgrade our stack from 6.5.4 to 8.2.
Do I need to do something for the alerts? to use them in the new version
thank youuu

Here's are some links for you, regarding setting up Kibana alerting in 8.2:

If you are using Elasic Cloud, everything is set up already; for other deployment options, getting the security parts set up is usually the only other requirement.

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thanks a lot, i will check

have a good day :smiley:

about my question do i need to recreate my alerts or i can upgrade theme with the version ?


Kibana alerting didn't exist until the 7.x versions (7.6 or 7.7 I think), so if you had alerting rules running in 6.5.4, those are something different. There are no upgrade options from anything to Kibana alerting rules at present, so I believe you would need to recreate them all.

We do support upgrading Kibana alerting rules from version X of elastic stack to version > X of elastic stack, so once you get your alerting rules set up, the "upgrades" all happen when you upgrade the elastic stack, as part of the upgrade process.

If you were using Watcher before, Watcher is still available, but there is no upgrade available for Watcher rules to Kibana alerting rules.

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