Upgrading kibana from elastic cloud

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I have a question about the kibana upgrade from elastic cloud, my question is if all the data, graphs, machine learning jobs, dashboards, watchers, etc. will be saved.
Since the kibana I have in elastic cloud in the cloud platform is 7.8.0. That's why I'm not sure about the compatibility of the xpack alerts or Elasticsearch "watcher", as well as the dashboards, graphs, machine learning works, etc. I don't know if the upgrade will leave everything as it was without modifying or damaging any of the data I have, since I work with several tenants, and with data in real time.

pd: Is it necessary to update Elasticsearch, to be able to update kibana? or how is the compatibility issue in the ELK?

Thank you, I hope for your prompt response, as I find the new version interesting.

Hi @Juan_David_Jaramillo In Elastic Cloud All components will be upgraded to the Same Version there is no concept of just Upgrading just Elasticsearch or Kibana on its Own.

What version are you updating to?

The update itself should happen with a rolling update i.e. no down time.

Of course what we would recommend to be safest is to set up another 7.8 cluster (smaller with most your content) and test / practice your upgrade before you try it on your production cluster.

Watchers are still available in 7.15 so that should not be a problem.

All Dashboards etc will be saved, although I would probably export them as well just to keep another copy, that is not to say that one may break for some minor reason.

There are not any major data structure changes between 7.8 to 7.15

Index Patterns are now "computed" on the fly instead of being static so that helps alot.

But there can be breaking changes, we do our best to document them in the Releases sections of the document there are documents for both Elasticsearch and Kibana you have to click back for some earlier Kibana Release Notes

You can always open a support issue if you have challenges.

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