Elasticsearch and Kibana update from 6.8.18 to latest version

We are considering the option of migrating our current Elasticsearch service from a local self-managed server to the Elastic Cloud. In the case of having an Elastic Cloud deployment, when an update is released, is Elastic support in charge of deploying it, or would we have to continue performing this type of tasks ourselves?

In the case of the Kibana update, we are currently on version 6.8.18 and want to upgrade to the latest version. I have seen that there are incompatibilities between versions and we would lose all the data of the current indexes, is there any option to avoid having to reindex all the indexes we have deployed?



Until now, it's your own responsability to click the upgrade button and upgrade your cluster.
In the coming Serverless offer, it will be on Elastic side to do whatever is needed to upgrade.

So, at this point the server that we would deploy in the Elastic cluster would not be self-managed, right?

As for our indexes in the current deployment, would we lose them due to incompatibility between versions?