Update Elasticsearch and Kibana

Hello, I am running on a local server Elasticsearch in version 7.16 and Kibana in version 7.17
I want both to be updated to version 8.5.
I have read, that I should use the Update Assistance in the wiki
However, when I open the Update Assistance on my local server, I just get the page attatatched to this post. It is not offering me to update.
Can someone tell me what I should do to be on the newest version?
Some word for my setup: I am running a single node with no authentication enabled. So I should have the needed rights
I have read about a rolling update, but I am uncertain if I should follow the steps. Can I just run all the comments inside the Dev Tools? Or do I need to establish another connection?

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You first need to upgrade Elasticsearch to 7.17 and then run the upgrade assistant. Kibana and Elasticsearch should always be the same version and you need to be at 7.17 before you can go to 8.x.

How can I update the Elasticsearch from Version 7.16 to 7.17? Do I manage it with the rolling update commands? Or is there some kind of GUI for this?

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Rolling upgrades only applies if you have a cluster with multiple nodes. How to upgrade will depend on how you installed. Have a look in the documentation for details. There is no UI for handling upgrades.

I have installed ELK as a singe node via the .zip-File as a Service on Windows Server 2019.
I have found a rather good explanation about the restart-upgrade approach. Maybe this is the best idea due to the fact that I have two different versions running
And I was wrong, Kibana is installed in Version 7.16 and Elasticsearch is in Version 7.15. Sorry for that!

You still need to go to 7.17 for both Elasticsearch and Kibana and use the upgrade assistant before going on to 8.x.

Yes, I will perform the restart-upgrade approach to upgrade both to version 7.17.
Afterwards I use the Update Assistance to go to version 8.x

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